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Corporate Counselling Cambridge

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We can all become stressed occasionally, but if endured over longer periods of time, stress and anxiety can significantly reduce the productivity of your employees at work. Not only the actual stress itself, but also other illnesses triggered directly by stress can lead to a high number of sick days or even lead to the loss of individual employees and a high staff turnover.
Miscommunication and dysfunctional teams will not only harm your business's efficiency, but can also damage the work environment and atmosphere in general and further worsen your employees' overall experience and mood at work. Different personality types can clash and if not contained, this can soon lead to a minor disagreement spiralling out of control, in the worst case scenario leading to work place bullying. The introduction of new systems and procedures is often met with reluctance, due to a fear of change. A restructuring within an organisation can lead to further anxiety and often even hostility. Forced team building exercises and poorly organised internal coaching, though well meant and usually put into place with the best of intentions, will often only alienate staff even further. On top of all that, it is not only what happens at work that has the potential to negatively influence your employees. We are all just human and susceptible to our own personal environment. We may have had a string of bad days, we may be experiencing problems at home or even be going through a family break up. All these things will spill over into the work place, affecting the way we communicate with others and our ability to function at the best of our potential.

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