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Deutschsprachige Online Therapeutin - German speaking online counsellor

posted 11 Sept 2014, 04:50 by Christine Schneider   [ updated 3 Aug 2016, 04:05 ]

Hier finden sie eine deutschsprachige Online Therapeutin, die fachlich ausgebildet ist und die die noetigen Qualifikationen fuer die Online Beratung besitzt:

The above link will lead you to a German speaking online counsellor, who is fully qualified to work online and trained to the highest of professional standards.

Online and telephone counselling now available through BUPA

posted 4 Sept 2014, 03:01 by Christine Schneider   [ updated 4 Sept 2014, 03:02 ]

BUPA clients can now opt for online or telephone counselling instead of face to face sessions in Cambridge. This means that we can now take on BUPA clients from all over the UK. To find out more information, please go to the BUPA client page.

Last minute appointment availability:

posted 18 Feb 2014, 06:27 by Christine Schneider

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CRB checks are now called DBS checks

posted 6 Nov 2013, 01:17 by Christine Schneider   [ updated 6 Nov 2013, 01:20 ]

The CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) is now called DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service). The change took place almost a year ago, but quite a few people are still confused by it. All it means is that you now need to ask therapists if they are DBS checked; the actual disclosure types are still the same - i.e. anybody who works with children or vulnerable adults needs to have an enhanced check. Other than the name, nothing else seems to have changed much, as even the certificates look very similar to the old CRB ones.

Why do we keep putting things off?

posted 8 Oct 2013, 04:25 by Christine Schneider   [ updated 8 Oct 2013, 04:25 ]

 Are you prone to procrastinate? Here's some useful information on what might be the reasons and how to overcome them:

Workplace counselling can improve attitudes to work and reduce number of sick days

posted 5 Sept 2013, 07:35 by Christine Schneider   [ updated 3 Aug 2016, 03:12 ]

John McLeod's systematic review of the effectiveness of workplace counselling looks at several studies carried out on the subject. What is particularly interesting is that McLeod's work suggests that workplace counselling has a beneficial impact not only on the employees' psychological well-being in general, but also impacts positively attitudes to work and the number of sick days taken, regardless of the theoretical counselling model used.
You can find the paper's abstract and a link to the full text here.

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Here’s an easy way of calculating alcohol units:

posted 8 Jan 2013, 06:20 by Christine Schneider

Start by looking at the percentage listed on the bottle, because that number is the same as the number of units contained in 1 litre of that drink. I.e if it says 10% on the bottle, it means that 1 litre contains 10 units of alcohol.

Example 1: If a bottle of wine says that it’s 12% it means that 1 litre of that particular wine contains 12 units of alcohol. A wine bottle usually holds 75cl (i.e three quarters of a litre), meaning that the entire bottle contains 9 units of alcohol.

Example 2: If the beer at your local pub has 5% it means that 1litre of that beer contains 5 units. A pint is just over half a litre, so you can estimate that 1 pint of that beer contains just over 2.5 units.

Example 3: If a spirit has 40%, it means that 1 litre of it contains 40 units. A single serving of 25 ml therefore contains 1 unit of alcohol.


Not another teambuilding exercise!

posted 2 Nov 2012, 03:37 by Christine Schneider

You had a fabulous idea, you meant really well, you spent a lot of money, and somehow it still went all wrong and your teambuilding day left your staff frustrated and annoyed. Or maybe they had a great time, but you can’t see how the day has improved productivity.

Teambuilding exercises quite often go wrong in one way or another, usually because they haven’t been thought through well enough.  

Look at it from your staff’s point of view: you might think that a Saturday spent rock-climbing is a great incentive – and it may well be, if your staff are action loving singles who generally get on quite well together anyway. But do you think that a married father of two (who already works late most evenings) really wants to spend the little free time he has on a work activity? ‘That’s easy’ you think, ‘we’ll simply do our development days during the week – office hours only!’ That may be a better approach, but do your team of software engineers (who are working frantically to get your new product out in time) feel that they can afford spending two days on a communication skills course right now? The answer is that you need to think very carefully about what’s most important to your staff and keep things practical.

Also, be clear on what you want to gain, for example: do you want to reward achievement? Is there a genuine need for training in a specific area? Are you trying to mend strained relationships? Make sure that your activity is suitable for achieving your goal.

Think about who will join the event and how they usually relate during the working day. There is little point in teaching two members of staff to work together more effectively if they never cross paths within your organisation. You can still organise large events, just make sure that relevant teams are grouped together. 

And don't forget to ask your staff for honest (ideally anonymised) feedback at the end of the day - you'd be surprised what you might hear!

For more ideas on how to make your teambuilding exercise successful for you as well as useful and enjoyable for your staff, have a look in the corporate section of this website or contact Christine directly to ask about possible options!

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