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Here’s an easy way of calculating alcohol units:

posted 8 Jan 2013, 06:20 by Christine Schneider

Start by looking at the percentage listed on the bottle, because that number is the same as the number of units contained in 1 litre of that drink. I.e if it says 10% on the bottle, it means that 1 litre contains 10 units of alcohol.

Example 1: If a bottle of wine says that it’s 12% it means that 1 litre of that particular wine contains 12 units of alcohol. A wine bottle usually holds 75cl (i.e three quarters of a litre), meaning that the entire bottle contains 9 units of alcohol.

Example 2: If the beer at your local pub has 5% it means that 1litre of that beer contains 5 units. A pint is just over half a litre, so you can estimate that 1 pint of that beer contains just over 2.5 units.

Example 3: If a spirit has 40%, it means that 1 litre of it contains 40 units. A single serving of 25 ml therefore contains 1 unit of alcohol.