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Holiday Support

posted 19 Dec 2011, 05:08 by Christine Schneider

Christmas and New Year can be a difficult time, not only for people on their own, but also for families and couples. Yet, most counselling clinics will be closed over the holidays, with appointments only resuming in January. If you do find yourself in need of counselling or emotional support in the meantime, please phone Christine directly on her mobile on 07923 239 660 or email her here in order to book an emergency online or telephone
Please do remember that even though there is a number of emergency holiday appointments available, these still have to be booked in advance, even if they are booked at short notice. This is because emails to this website will be checked less frequently over the holidays. However, you should still be able to receive a reply within a day.

In case you were unable to get an appointment:

If you do need urgent support and found yourself unable to get an out of hours appointment, please contact the Samaritans for further advice on holiday support.