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Practitioners Self-Care and Support Group:

Are you a mental health practitioner? Social worker? Nurse? Care worker? Teacher? Child protection officer? Mediator? Or do you work in any other profession that can be very stressful and demanding on your own psychological well being?
Join one of our weekly online groups, where you will be able to offload, hear from other practitioners and gain new self-care and relaxation strategies.
What is the purpose of the group meetings?
The purpose of the meetings is to give mental health practitioners and those working in related fields a space and an opportunity to work through the issues still affecting us at the end of a working day. You might want to deal with an issue that has arisen at your place of work, due to policy or procedure, you might want to share some of your more difficult experiences in your client work, you may want to find some more ways of relaxing and switching off after a full day at work, or you may even want to talk about some personal difficulties you are going through at home or in your personal life.
Is this a Supervision Group?
No, our meetings are led by an experienced group facilitator and the aim is to provide a time and space for you to focus on yourself. They are not meant to be for supervision purposes, which means that you cannot count meetings towards your clinical supervision requirement. If you are looking for a supervisor, please click here.
Will attendance count towards my Continuing Professional Development (CPD)?
Yes! Your attendance will count towards your annual CPD requirements and you will be eligible for a CPD certificate verifying your total attendance, if required.
What if I was looking for a group that actually meets in person rather than online?
The following information refers to our online groups. If you are interested in joining or starting a group who meets in person in Cambridge, please contact Christine to enquire directly.
Why does this group meet online?
By meeting online, we can include practitioners from different locations more easily. Also, online meetings allow you to participate from a place that is convenient for you without adding extra travel time during your working day. 
Exactly how do you meet online?
We use Skype Text Chat for our group meetings. This is an instant chat facility that allows us to all come together in a single chat window and communicate with each other by typing. The advantage of meeting this way, rather than by video conferencing, is that you will be able to work from a place where you may be concerned that others could overhear what you are saying. We ask all our group members to ensure that nobody else can look at their screen when we meet. At the end of the session all group members are reminded to delete our conversations from their chat screens.
How long are the individual sessions?
Most groups have 90 minute sessions, but some groups run for a different amount of time. Please see below for specific groups.
How often do the groups meet?
The groups usually meet weekly, over a six week period, but please see below for specific dates and times.

Can I join at any time? No. Whilst anybody can potentially join our groups, you can only do so before a group has started to meet. This is to ensure continuity and avoid disruption to an established group by the arrival of new members. You do not need to attend every single week, however you do need to commit to the entire 6 weeks of the group when you sign up.   
Do the individual groups only ever run for a 6 week period?
The groups run continuously, throughout the whole year. However in order to give the group members continuity and to avoid disruption, the groups contract to work together for 6 weeks and new members can only join a group at the specific starting times set out below.
How do I join?
Once you have decided which group you would like to join, please email us here and we will send you back a quick questionnaire and everything else you need to know (including a group contract, confidentiality agreement, etc) in order to get started.

Current groups:


If you would like to start a separate group that is not listed here, please get in touch and we can see if there are other people looking for a group at a similar time to you.

 Type of Group    
 Day        Time Dates Fee   
 Spaces Notes + Sign up
Skype Text Chat

WednesdayMorning: 8.00 - 9.3002.10/09.10/16.10/23.10/30.10/06.11
£15.00 per sessionCompleted
If you would like to join this group, please email us
Skype Text Chat
WednesdayLunchtime: 12.00 -1.3002.10/09.10/16.10/23.10/30.10/06.11£15.00 per sessionCompletedIf you would like to join this group, please email us
Skype Text Chat WednesdayLunchtime: 1.30 - 2.0002.10/09.10/16.10/23.10/30.10/06.11£15.00 per sessionCompletedIf you would like to join this group, please email us
Skype Text Chat
Friday    Evening: 6.00 - 7.30
This group is not yet running, as we are looking for enough members to make it viable.  £15.00 per session
Looking for members!!!
If you would like this group to start, please register your interest by emailing admin.