Couples Counselling

Navigating Relationships Together: Online Couples Counselling

Christine brings her expertise in couples counselling into the digital space, offering sessions that are exclusively online for your convenience and comfort. Recognizing that relationships are unique and multifaceted, she provides a supportive environment to explore both individual and shared paths.

Scheduling Your Joint Sessions

When you decide to embark on this journey together, we make the process seamless from the start. At the time of booking, we'll gather contact details for both partners to ensure transparent communication and send booking confirmations to each of you.

Why Couples Choose Counselling

Whether you're navigating through newly emerged challenges or seeking to heal long-standing issues, couples counselling is a proactive step towards understanding and change. Many couples seek to strengthen their bonds or salvage their relationship. Others may wish to facilitate a respectful and cooperative separation. No matter the goal, Christine respects the unique complexities of your partnership.

The Scope of Couples Counselling

In your sessions, any number of topics may surface—ranging from communication breakdowns, intimacy issues, to individual stresses that impact your relationship. Christine approaches each concern within the context of your relationship, aiming to foster understanding, growth, and resolution together.

To book, simply get in touch with reception by phone (01223 654 678) or email.