Telephone Counselling

Telephone counselling: If you live in the UK, you have the additional option of telephone counselling. You can find some more information about this below.

Important: Please keep in mind that telephone counselling sessions have to be booked in advance and whilst I can often be flexible enough to offer appointments at short notice, it is important to remember that all appointments must be booked in advance and that this is not a 24 hour emergency support service.

Who can benefit from telephone counselling? Telephone counselling can be used in various ways. It is a great way of receiving regular ongoing therapy for people who find it difficult to visit a counsellor. Appointment times can be a lot more flexible and you won't have to travel. Some people conduct their entire therapy over the telephone whilst others may come to see me once a week at my practise but have a second telephone appointment either regularly or during particularly stressful times. You can bring the same issues to telephone counselling as you would to a face to face counselling session.

What to do in a crisis: I am often able to offer appointments at short notice, but please note that this site runs on an appointment based system and does not offer emergency support. This is because I cannot guarantee that I am online or available on the telephone at the exact moment when you might be trying to contact me. If you do find yourself in a crisis and feel that you need to speak to somebody urgently, please contact the Samaritans. For immediate support you can telephone the Samaritans within the UK at any time on 116 123 or you can email them by writing to At the date of writing, their website states that they will do their best to respond to your email within 12 hours. You might also want to consider talking to your GP or other health care professional. In an emergency please contact the appropriate emergency service.